About Us

BentoMe is a fast-growing and innovative food company that is notably known for its sushi kiosks. Our products can currently be found in grocery stores and supermarkets, but we aim to make our way into airports, shopping centers, corporate dining facilities, and schools across the United States in the near future.


We make consistent efforts to stay relevant by developing services that reflect the increasing demands and current trends in the food industry – and integrating the “customization” factor into our business model is one of them. 


Because everyone is unique and we believe their taste buds are no exception to this rule, such changes are currently in the works, in which we enable customers to design everything right down to the last detail from rice to toppings. Our sushi chefs will then make the rolls, using only the best ingredients, upon receiving an order through self-service kiosks.

professional chefs

All our carefully selected team of chefs have undergone rigorous and specialized training and thus are highly knowledgeable about food safety practices and station hygiene standards.

our products


We’ve got the rolls you love.

Our special rolls are crafted by our chefs daily
for optimal taste and flavor


A Korean take on a sandwich: Samgak

The simple grab-n-go good there is!

Experience the crispy texture of the 
seaweed like none other – packed with
your favorite filling, including salmon and


Summer in a Poke Bowl

Looking for a bowl of goodness with cubed seafood
and vegetables all tossed in our signature sauce?
Try our Poke Salmon or Tuna Bowl

what we do

sushi on the grass plan

We showcase our sushi containers on a bed of grass to
emphasize the freshness of our products. This is a simple –
but an effective strategy, nonetheless – that instills trust in
customers about our brand, values, and the products we offer.