About Us

BentoMe is fast-growing and very innovative food retail and restaurant company. One of its brand
concepts, Bento Me, is the New York leader for fully-serviced Bento and Sushi Kiosks. The unique
concept features ‘grab and go’ kiosks and sushi bars of grocery stores, supermarkets, and airports,
shopping centers, corporate dining facilities, and schools across the United States. BentoMe is New
York’s leader in full-service sushi and bento kiosks.

professional chefs

Our carefully selected team of sushi chefs, a phenomenal array of menu options, and the highest
quality fresh ingredients offer you a restaurant-quality experience at your event that will satisfy your
taste buds.
Whether it’s a private, wedding, or corporate event, our exceptional service will leave you and your
guests an unforgettable sushi experience.

our products


We’ve got the rolls you love.

Our special rolls are designed and
cooked by BentoMe Master Sushi
Chefs for best taste and visualization.


Onigiri is Tasty. Onigiri is Freedom.

Onigiri is one of the simplest
grab-and-go foods in the world.
A combination of seasoned rice,
crispy dried seaweed and customizable
ingredients will bring a colorful and
healthy taste.


If you love sushi, then you will love us.

Our kitchen carries fresh fish delivered
daily from the market. Our sushi is prepared
right on the premise using fresh

what we do

sushi on the grass plan

We came up with this idea to place the sushi containers
on the grass carpet to emphasize the freshness
of our products.
The idea is a simple but effective idea to make sushi
look healthier and fresh.
Think of nature and see the incredible variety of
shades of green expressing renewal and life.
We applied this texture to our product presentation
at our client’s locations to help their sales.