About Us

BentoMe was established a few years ago in hopes of wanting to introduce sushi rolls that can be
customized for and by the customers.

All you can find nowadays in groceries are ready-made sushi rolls packaged in plastic containers.
From time to time, you might also come across sushi chefs preparing and crafting those rolls behind
the display cabinets. Though many sushi vendors have added ‘healthy’ ingredients such as brown
rice and quinoa to their menus to adopt the current trends in the food industry, there’s only so much
they could get the combinations of ingredients right down to the last detail. And what better way than
to give customers the flexibility to build their own rolls for themselves exactly the way they want them
to be?

This is where we come in – our “build-your-own” menu is accessible on the kiosk machines, the UI
designed in a way that is friendly and streamlined. Start by picking the type of rice you’d like for the
chefs to use, then move on to fillings and toppings.

What’s the story behind the name ‘BentoMe’?
‘Bento’ is a Japanese term for ‘lunch box’ and ‘Me’ is – yes, you guessed correctly – me. We
intentionally placed “-Me” at the end to incorporate our mission statement, which is to provide meal
options that are unique and tailored to each individual’s palate.

Though our focus is currently on introducing Japanese cuisine made more accessible and convenient
for the general public, we plan to go beyond providing just sushi and bentos – and ultimately branch
out and expand our product portfolio, encompassing Korean and other Asian foods.

Our products can currently be found in grocery stores and supermarkets, but we aim to make our way
into airports, shopping centers, corporate dining facilities, and schools across the United States in the
near future.

Our brand concepts


The art of making sushi as well as our brand’s value are deeply rooted in transparency, and so it felt
almost natural to make our working station into an open kitchen.
We have got all of the ingredients of sushi rolls laid out in front of the customers so they can choose
the perfect combination to make their perfect meals.
With more and more customers taking a keen interest on how and from where food companies
source their ingredients, prepare the food, and present to the end consumers, our open kitchen just
made sense. And the concept of customization seemed to strengthen and bolster our attempts at
trying to deliver the transparency element, for customers can directly watch the sushi chefs craft the
rolls with the ingredients they had just picked out for themselves through the use of kiosk machines.
Above everything else, our main objective is to instill trust in the minds of customers about our brand,
values, and the products we offer.

bentome academy

BentoMe aspires to train and educate chefs around the world interested in becoming a part of
BentoMe. And thus, through both online and offline methods, BentoMe will have them undergo
rigorous trainings, in which they will not only learn the essential culinary skill sets of being
professional sushi chefs, but also precautionary measures in the kitchen needed to perform tasks that
satisfy the strictest and harshest food safety guidelines.

marketing support

We strongly believe the success of our brand begins – and only after – the success of the store itself.
And that is why we go the extra mile by assisting with both online and offline marketing efforts.
Online marketing will deal mostly with SNS social media marketing in which we will post contents
that primarily focus on communicating with our potential and target audience. Such content posts can
range from deal announcements to polls and behind-the-scenes.
Offline marketing will include digital signages that give an insight into the brand and inner workings
of the art of sushi making. The central or main office will be responsible for creating and updating the
contents (at least every quarter).


BentoMe has established for itself a HACCP plan and implements it for use in day-to-day operations,
in an effort to promote food safety within the organization. By implementing our own HACCP plan, we
keep our employees accountable and always prepared to handle food
safely as well as kitchen space/utensils appropriately. More importantly, this is all done to protect the
end consumer from harmful biological, chemical, and physical contaminants.