Sustainability Strategies to Protect the Planet
and Empower People


At BentoMe, we take sustainability seriously. We believe that sustainability means
protecting the environment for future generations. It also means being respectful of
human rights and taking into consideration people’s quality of life now and moving
A Sustainable world is possible if we all share responsibility for it. Towards that goal,
BentoMe is committed to :
– Sourcing product from companies that provide seafood harvested in ways that
protect the oceans and safeguard seafood supplies for the future
– Leading an initiative for increasing the use of more environmentally friendly
packaging for our sushi products in an effort to help rid the planet of excess
– Creating economic opportunities that make it possible for our franchisees and
independent contractors to better provide for their families
– Researching and developing additional ways in which we can lead the movement
toward greater sustainability as new processes, products and
techniques become available
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